An oncology massage is a specialist massage therapy for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or are in recovery. It uses expert techniques and works therapeutically to give a sense of deep relaxation.

With my years of experience and as part of the NHS "Linda Jackson McMillan" where I have worked with patients while they are receiving chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatments by providing complimentary therapies.

Whilst having been trained through the hospital working with patients on wards as well as post cancer patients, I have gained the knowledge to adapt treatments for the health and safety of the patient and myself during these times.

I am qualified and legally registered to peform such treatments and experienced in creating custom made plans to suit the individual needs of each patient, which may include selected essential oils, reflexology and special massage techniques. The client can get real benefits from these complimentary therapies, not least of which is the relaxation experienced.

Each individual client case is different and therefore an initial consultation session will be needed to create your own custom treatment plan.

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